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Hello! Congrats Thanksgiving Day!
ashley <ashley>
NewYork, NY USA - Thu Nov 24 22:14:49 2005

Just thought I would like to be the first to sign your guestbook wirelessly! A-la hey...I am calling from a mobile phone
Ottawa, ON Canada - Tue Aug 16 3:27:26 2005

wow nice ftp u have...i'd love to know where u got ur audiobooks mp3s r pretty good too...thankyou for sharing with the world..we appreciate it
alice <>
moose jaw, sk Canada - Thu Mar 31 10:57:42 2005

some pretty cool stuff goin on russ.ottawa must agree with you..
jamie bursey <>
st johns, nl Canada - Fri Dec 10 15:00:57 2004

Hey Russ, Just took a tour of your site amazing pictures, a teckie and an artist nice mix. Great content on the site I hope to implement some into my own network. Cheers and I hope to see you someday again. Hugs, Kier.
Kier <>
St. John's, NL Canada - Sun Aug 15 13:06:20 2004

Great site, very informative. I learned a few things, thanks
Milly <>
reno, Nv usa - Sat May 22 19:28:15 2004

Great arcade box.
Carol G
Salt Lake, UT usa - Fri May 21 22:16:31 2004

Creativity must run in your family, you did a great job with your site
Sandy Paulsen
Springs, CO USA - Fri Apr 9 22:29:51 2004

Great, interesting web-site. I especially like the sound files and your illuminated one player button via an LED.
England - Wed Mar 24 6:39:00 2004

Charles Mikelson <>
Winnipeg, MB Canada - Wed Mar 3 0:17:28 2004

Interesting webpage. Layout could use improving.
Paul Gilbert McFetridge <>
Burnaby, BC Canada - Thu Jan 22 15:12:08 2004

great stuff! a huge file list, and great information for other web surfers as well :) keep up the good work! :)
Scott J. Scheucher <>
New Berlin, WI United States - Sat Oct 4 16:07:42 2003

Your page is a great resource! I want to build a MAME cocktail cabinet (next year), and may at some point ask you on some pointers if that's OK?Thanks!
Blaine White <>
Peterborough, Ont. Canada - Sun Aug 31 7:57:36 2003

Same exact thing im doing running a personal web server out of my home.. except im using IIS in XP pro..,..,. i hate having other provide my websites becuze you cant say what you want,.,.
lord_quake <lord_quake at hotmail>
shen, ia usa - Wed Jun 4 5:43:07 2003

Thanks for your help with the MAME advice. I'll send you another note about it soon :)
Ian <root|>
Ottawa, ON Canada - Fri May 16 8:48:40 2003

Jamie sent me to look at your arcade box. Pretty neat!
Brad Elliott <>
Ottawa, ON Canada - Tue May 6 12:18:39 2003

Nice site! Well done on your entry to the Build Your Own Arcade Controls website too :)
England - Thu Apr 10 21:48:22 2003

Well done.... and I like the coin box...
CW <>
Austin, TX USA - Mon Apr 7 9:27:11 2003

Your Cabinet looks great! Man, I'm envious. Enjoy it! I know I would.
Canada - Fri Apr 4 23:22:06 2003

Nice cab
Mean dean
Toronto, on Canada - Mon Mar 31 21:45:59 2003

wow, i really got into that journal, I like the step by step processes that went into this page Russ. What a good complete job you are doing. Hope to see it sometime...Colin
Colin <>
Ottawa, on Canada - Mon Mar 17 8:06:28 2003

cool page, hope all is well with u
colin <>
ottawa, on Canada - Sun Mar 16 10:04:30 2003

Hi Russ !!! 'Member me? 'Member servicing those Sanyo PCs? :) YUCKKKK!!!!!Nice site ... I would expect no less from you :)
Rob Cashin <>
St. John's, NL Canada - Mon Mar 10 18:50:07 2003

Nice site, and some great ideas for MAME cabs. Keep on gamin'!
Kevin Steele
Cleveland, OH USA - Mon Mar 10 7:17:38 2003

Great job on the site Russ!!! I love the interface, keep up the good work.
Chris Vincent <>
Ottawa, ON Canada - Sun Mar 9 9:57:06 2003

Excellent Web page guy, Happy to have you as a member of my Web_ring!
Super Mappy
Circleville, OH USA - Sat Mar 8 23:22:42 2003

Great site Russ! That MAME cabinet you are working on is just cool. You've given me a drive to get back to my own cabinet project that I've been neglecting for so long. Cheers pal! :)
Gerry Corcoran <>
Ottawa, ON Canada - Sat Mar 8 18:40:47 2003

I guess I'm number 2. The story of my life. :)
Darrin <>
Ottawa, ON Canada - Sat Mar 8 18:36:10 2003

I'm first... I'm first. Nice work. Love the MAME page.
Jamie <>
Ottawa, ON Canada - Sat Mar 8 16:48:52 2003

Cool page!
Russ Gladden <>
Ottawa, ON Canada - Sat Mar 8 16:48:15 2003

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