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School Drawing by William A. Sharpe
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Nice Job, Russell. My sister Lori Chafe (Hiscock) came across your site surfing in Yahoo! Brings back a lot of old memories.
Cindy English (Hiscock) <> (Graduated in 1981)
Oshawa, ON, Canada - Sat Sep 23 11:38:00 2006

My name is Wylie Antle and I love the JMCH web page. I graduated in 1985 and I am currently living in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan working as an Information Systems Officer for Health Canada. I also am currently in a 70s and 80s Classic Rock Band and would consider playing at the 25th anniversary. Tell Steve to give me a call or send me an e-mail.
Wylie Antle <> (Graduated in 1985)
Prince Albert, SK, Canada - Thu Aug 31 11:40:00 2006

I thoroughly enjoyed looking through the articles and pictures. I was amazed by the number of students I remembered from my short time at James Moore as music teacher. I was saddened to learn of the deaths of students and one staff member. I am presently living and teaching in Ontario. I think there are sufficient numbers of former students in Ontario to form an Ontario Branch of James Moore High Alumni. Thank you for the work you have put into this project.
Peter Hanson <> (Music teacher, 1976 to 1980)
Oakville, ON, Canada - Sat Aug 5 21:50:00 2006

Hi!! What A wonderful web-site!!! Iím so glad I discovered it. It would be great to hear from others who were the last graduating class at JMCH!!!! Would like to hear from you.
Angela Duke (Hiscock) <> (Graduated in 1985)
Fri Jul 7 07:01:00 2006

Hi Russell, great site. It is nice to see old pictures and familar names. Makes us realize that we are getting older but our minds are still able to recall the events in the past.
Hilda St. George (Oates) <> (Graduated in 1982)
Lincoln, NB, Canada - Sat Jun 24 12:06:00 2006

This site brought back good memories of school and living in Carbonear in the 60's.
Clarence White <> (Graduated in 1968)
Cambridge, ON, Canada - Sun Nov 13 19:36:00 2005

HR.GRACE, NL, Canada - Fri Oct 28 7:37:13 2005

I didn't attend James Moore but my husband Wilson King attended, have many friends who attended also, great site.
Joy King (Rorke) <>
St. Catherines, NL, Canada - Wed Sep 7 7:58:56 2005

Big brother, Dr. ASIC, directed me to the site. You have done a magnificent job and have obviously put a lot of time and effort into it. All former students, teachers, etc. should be thankful and proud of your efforts and devotion. Great site. I have some items I will forward along to you. Keep up the good work!
Karen Wheadon (Noel) <> (Graduated in 1982)
Carbonear, NL, Canada - Sat Aug 6 22:52:49 2005

Just discovered this awesome website recently. Great job so far!
Arlene O'Driscoll (Marshall) <> (Graduated in 1977)
Orleans, ON, Canada - Wed Aug 3 23:30:50 2005

I wasn't a graduate of James Moore, I was too young. I did attend Davis Elementary, though, and remember James Moore quite well, and walking past all the smokers after school!!! I looked for them in the pic, but couldn't see them!! It's great to see a website such as this one, where hopefully old friends can reunite. Great Job!!
Cindy <>
Carbonear, NL, Canada - Sat Mar 5 12:47:41 2005

I didn't know until very recently that there was a web site for the old Alma Mater . . . but it is very nice to see. I will visit it often. Thanks Russ !!!
Eric C. Snow <> (Graduated in 1969)
Coley's Point, NL, Canada - Sun Jan 30 11:19:28 2005

Great site. Must now look for some old pictures and information on the old Alma Mater. Most of my years were spent at The United Church Academy, but I surely remember my one and only year at the U.C. Regional High, later to become JMCH.
Ron Howell <> (Graduated in 1961)
Topsail, NL, Canada - Sun Jan 9 20:39:48 2005

I have great memories from my years of teaching, but my years at St. James (JMCH) were the best. I had the best students anyway and that was the joy in my job.
Edwina Howell (Suley) <> (Home economics teacher)
Topsail, C.B.S., NL, Canada - Sun Jan 9 20:19:00 2005

Great site! I'll dig out some of my old photos and send them in. - Scott.
Scott Campbell <> (Graduated in 1979)
Halifax, NS, Canada - Sat Jan 8 18:54:37 2005

Great web page. I hope old friends will contact me to visit old times.
Jack Howell <> (Graduated in 1969)
Eastport, NL, Canada - Thu Dec 16 20:24:48 2004

Great site. We are hoping this site will be a valuable tool in planning our 40th reunion of the Class of 65. The reunion will be in Carbonear on Jul 29, 2005.
Peter Moore <> (Graduated in 1965)
Mississauga, ON, Canada - Mon Dec 13 1:11:24 2004

Well. We all have learned to move on but it's great to go back to the look into our past to reflect on our old friends, teachers and remember where we were, what we were doing and where we are today. Great site.Thanks, jimc
Jim Case <> (Graduated in 1977)
Mount Pearl, NL, Canada - Thu Dec 9 21:17:29 2004

Hello JMCH. It is great to look around and see some familiar names and faces.Looking at this site brings back some memories of the old days back at JMCH that I will always treasure. Over 25 years. Where has the time gone? Wish we could tell the kids now to have fun and enjoy school.Or does that sound like something Eugene Abbott and Bill Kennedy would have said 25 years ago:)?The one sad thing about the site that I see from the guest book is how many of us are sending messages from outside Nfld?I guess thatís a part of life, but Iím sure that the education we received from JMCH and how the teachers taught us to be a better people has landed us in so many different parts of the country. The country is a better place for it.If anyone recognises my name feel free to drop a line.Thanks for the memories.
Jim Gosse <> (Graduated in 1978)
Calgary, AB, Canada - Sun Dec 5 21:21:13 2004

Russell, I think you've done an awesome job with your web page. It's great to look back on the history, the teachers, etc. over the past years. Keep up the good work!
Maxine Mercer (Earle)<> (Graduated in 1965-66)
Bay Roberts, NL, Canada - Sun Nov 28 18:30:43 2004

That's a nice pic of the old building .. how did you catch it without all the smokers outside ?? Must have been a Saturday pic !! Take care Dude .. nice site !! :)
Wade Ricks <> (Graduated in 1979)
Guelph, ON, Canada - Sat Nov 20 22:23:41 2004

Can't believe it's been 23 years. Nice to see the memories preserved. Thanks.
Peter Noel <> (Graduated in 1981)
Ottawa, ON, Canada - Thu Nov 18 17:33:59 2004

Can't believe how old I am getting, loved walking down memory lane with you all. This is what we needed to keep us all in the same frame of mind from time to time. Time goes on but memories live with us forever. Thanks Russell for this cool site.J M C H Forever, Wanda
Wanda Butt {King} <> (Graduated in 1984)
Carbonear, NL, Canada - Sun Nov 14 13:51:13 2004

Awesome site, Russ!!!! I hope to hear from other classmates, I know I'm spreading the word around as much as I can. Keep up the good work!!!
Mistie Lynch <> (Graduated in 1984)
Carbonear, NL, Canada - Tue Nov 9 12:25:21 2004

Great job! I didn't know the page existed. I hope to hear from some old friends.
Keith C. Thomas <> (Graduated in 1985)
Carbonear, NL, Canada - Wed Oct 27 18:14:33 2004

Nice to see a page from our old school, I have seen pictures of people I have long forgotten about, now I wonder where they are and what has become of them. It brings back a lot of memories. GREAT JOB!!!Scott
Scott Hiscock <> (Graduated in 1979)
Burlington, ON, Canada - Mon Oct 4 19:27:47 2004

It's nice to see some old friends pictures that I have not seen since I graduated in "79" thanks Russell
Walter Snow <> (Graduated in 1979)
South River, NL, Canada - Mon Sep 20 20:11:49 2004

Great page!
Dianne Rees <> (Graduated in 1984)
Victoria, BC, Canada - Sun Aug 1 2:50:57 2004

Hi Russ, Thanks for having a look at my website and great to see a website dedicated to JMCH. I hope you eventually add some pics from 1979-80 the year I graduated. You may want to check out the BARK amateur web-site. There is a memorial page dedicated to silent hams (VO1FG) and I know you will like it. I'll check back from time to time to see some updates. All the best. Cheers Dean.
Dean J. Penney <> (Graduated in 1980)
Carbonear, NL, Canada - Mon Jun 28 13:35:57 2004

Nice page.
Russ Gladden <> (Graduated in 1981)
Ottawa, ON, Canada - Sat Jun 5 18:41:33 2004

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