Detailed Ottawa Weather: Environment Canada, The Weather Network, The Weather Channel,
CBC, Weather Underground, and AccuWeather.
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The video image above was captured using an QuickCam Orbit MP webcam by Logitech. Neil Kolban's WebCam32 program takes video captures and uses a Java push applet to send them to my web server. Capture source, date, and time (Eastern Time, 24-hour format) are shown at the bottom. Weather data courtesy of The Weather Underground. Realtime system clock display from The Java Clock Shop. World time clock display from pge97afn. Time shown in the camera view is my local system time. The Java applets show your system time. Weather banners show their system time. They may all be different, but mine should be no more than a second or two off, regularly corrected with AtomTime. Live news quotes from QuoteMedia.

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