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I recently got back into photography with the help of a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-F717 digital still camera, and have compiled a collection of useful resources about it. Much of this information also applies to its successor the DSC-F828, predecessor DSC-F707, and other members of the Cyber-Shot family. Though hand-picked and regularly checked, the content and availability of these links are the responsibility of their owners, not mine. Use this information at your own risk

Official Sony commercial websites

Detailed hands-on, in-depth reviews of the DSC-F717 Discussion forums Useful resource lists and tips Other handy documents (some may require the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader) - use your browser's right mouse/Save Target As... function to keep a copy Hardware projects, software and accessories Notable galleries of Sony photographers and other sources of inspiration Local camera stores, galleries, organizations and other resources in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada My current equipment lineup My digital photo gallery

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