Live JMCH Chatroom

Type with other classmates in real time

How to use the chatroom:

1. Your computer must have Java installed in order to run this program. If you don't see the chat window below, you may need to install Java by visiting Sun's Java Download Page.

2. Fill in your name and a nickname in the window below. Your e-mail address is optional. Expand or scroll your browser if necessary to see the full chat window. You can also hit the Float button to pop up a separate chat window. Your web browser may need pop-ups enabled for this to work.

3. Click the Connect button, and in a few seconds you'll be in the chatroom. If you're alone when you get there, please try again later when others may be on. You may want to arrange meeting times with others through e-mail in advance to be sure they'll be on when you are.

4. To privately chat one-on-one with another user instead of in the main public window, double-click on their nickname in the list on the right. Your web browser may need pop-ups enabled for this to work.

This application requires Java suport.
This server also available via IRC at:

If you prefer to chat using your own IRC client program (such as mIRC, X-Chat or Ircle) instead, you can also visit irc:// .

Chatroom courtesy of Free Java Chat.

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