Original Architect's Drawing by T.A. Lench, MRAIC
Original Architect's Drawing by T.A. Lench, MRAIC (on display at Carbonear Integrated Collegiate)

James Moore Central High School

Animus Vivit - The Spirit Lives On

This "old school" website is a free resource for former students, faculty and staff of James Moore Central High School (known as James Moore Regional High before 1974, and United Church Regional High before 1967) in Carbonear, Newfoundland, Canada. It's a growing collection of photographs, yearbook entries, history and memories from our school (and nearby St. James Junior High) which was built in 1960 and torn down in 1985, after producing well over 1000 graduates. Check back frequently as new information is constantly being added.

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Wanted! Any JMCH souvenirs, mementos, memorabilia, artifacts, yearbooks, photographs, artwork, historical documents, awards, student newspapers, programmes, tickets, audio/video tapes, graduation themes, mottoes, slogans, mascots, press articles, teaching materials, textbooks, exams, stories, trivia, etc. If you have any information to contribute to the site, please contact the webmaster or leave an entry in the guestbook, and don't forget to fill out our Alumni Survey. I will gladly scan, photograph or copy and return any contributed items, insured and free of charge. Information about any students, faculty or staff who have passed away is also appreciated for our In Memoriam page.

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