JMCH Scholarship and
Other Award Winners


Dr. R.W. Boyle Scholarship
Awarded for academic achievement and outstanding
contribution to co-/extra-curricular activities
1957Ralph Moore, Monika Voss
1958Kevin Burden
1959Carol Moores
1960Ronald Howell
1961Audrey Kirby
1962Donald Horwood
1963Yvonne Butt
1964Raymond Penney
1965Sandra Butt, Donna Pike
1966Carol Bradbury, Nigel Bishop
1967Bruce Butt, Marilyn Clarke
1968Luanne Leamon, Oscar Howell
1969Joan Kirby, John Howell
1970Beverly Pike, Bruce Burden
1971Marie Marshall, Dwight Vincent
1972Dianne Murray, Barry Peach
1973Cynthia Horwood, Allan Kirby
1974Linda Earle, Bill Howell
1975Susan Forward, Robert Wells
1976Kathy Kelly, Wayne Somers
1977Joan Marshall, Ted Howell
1978Mary Wells, Duane Clarke
1979Marion Tilley, Kenneth Ash
1980Brenda Cooper, Keith Brien
1981D. Peter Noel, Ann Martin
1982Brent Davis, Karen Noel
1983(No Scholarships Awarded)
1984Michelle Peach, Kenneth Forward
1985Daisy Oates, ???

J.D. Cameron Scholarship
Awarded to graduates with the highest average marks based on MUN entrance requirements
YearGrade XIGrade X
1976Beverly Wareham, James BrownDonna Lynch, Bill Snow
1977Cathy Butler, Richard RorkeMary Wells, Scott Hancock
1978Carol Piercey, Graham GreenJanice Hardy, Scott Campbell
1979Janice Hardy, Scott CampbellElizabeth Steele, Keith Brien
1980Elizabeth Steele, Jeffrey ColeAnn Martin, D. Peter Noel
1981Cathy Ash, Darryl WinsorBrent Davis, Carolyn Howell
1982Gloria Brien, Darryn NurseMichelle Peach, Roxanne Warford, Michael Greening
1983(No Scholarships Awarded Due to the Introduction of Grade 12)
1984Roxanne Warford, Michael Greening(No Scholarships Awarded)

Centenary of Responsible Government Scholarship
Awarded to those achieving the highest marks in the scholarship examination
1964Raymond Penney, Roland Forward
1973Donald Gladden

Confederation Scholarship
1964Bruce Legrow, James Davis, Maxwell Kirby
1980D. Peter Noel

Electoral District Scholarship
Awarded to those achieving the highest marks in the scholarship
examination for each provincial electoral district
1964Yvonne Butt
1974Donald Gladden

Ladies Orange Benevolent Association Scholarship
Awarded to a child of a L.O.B.A. member for high academic standing
1964Yvonne Butt

Loyal Orange Lodge Scholarship
1964Yvonne Butt

Lester B. Pearson Scholarship
Open to Grade 11's who wish to study at the LBP College of the Pacific
in BC. More information here
1979Scott Campbell

Learn more at the High School Scholarships page of the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Education.

Other Awards

Arthur Sheppard Public Speaking Award
Presented by Prince of Wales Collegiate to the Lions Club Speak-Off winner
1977-78Diane Rorke (Grade 10)

We're still looking for information on the Centenary, Loyal Orange Lodge and Ladies Orange Benevolent Association
Scholarships, the examination-based Confederation and Electoral Scholarships, bursaries, honour rolls,
sports, music and other JMCH awards. If you can help, please let us know.

Note that some scholarships are awarded in the first part of the school year and some in the second
(spanning the New Year), so the dates indicated may vary.

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