Alumni Survey for
Don Gladden

Class of 1974


Sections of the survey not filled out by the submitter have been omitted.

Full Name: Donald M. Gladden
Gender: Male
JMCH/JMRH/UCRH Graduation or Final Year: 1974
Current Home: Toronto, ON

Places I have also lived since graduation:

St.John's NL
Placentia, NL
Whitbourne, NL
Ottawa, ON
Toronto, ON
Post-secondary school(s) I attended after high school:
Memorial University
Other things I've done since graduation:
Social Services Field
My current hobbies, interests, crafts, sports, recreations, volunteer and/or community service work:
Vintage Bicycle Restoration/collection
Volunteer work for Environmental NGO's
My current marital status: Married

Classmates/staff I still keep in touch with:

Just my brother Russ
I was a member of the following school teams, student groups and clubs:
Reach for the Top
Yearbook Committee
Scholarships and other awards I won while attending high school:
Centenary Scholarship, 1973
Electoral Scholarship, 1974
JMCH teachers or programs, that had a lasting impact on my life:
Leslie Nurse: a very inspirational and motivating teacher
The theme song for my graduation was:
Never attended
Elementary school(s) I attended:
Davis Elementary
Junior high school(s) I attended:
St. James Junior High
How I found out about the JMCH website:
Word of Mouth
This is a new survey submission, submitted on October 18, 2004.

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