Alumni Survey for
Geoff Davis

Class of 1973


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Full Name: Geoff Davis
Gender: Male
JMCH/JMRH/UCRH Graduation or Final Year: 1973
E-Mail Address:
Current Home: St. John's, NL

Places I have also lived since graduation:

Halifax (2 yrs.),
Ottawa (5 yrs.),
Virginia/Washington D.C. (2.5 yrs.)
Post-secondary school(s) I attended after high school:
Memorial University - B.A., B.Ed.
Georgetown University, Washington D.C. - International Business
Other things I've done since graduation:
Starting my 25th. year with Aliant.
I've travelled a quite a bit over the years to Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Spain, Portugal, The Canary Islands, Austria, The Czech Republic, Australia, Mexico, Cuba, Bermuda, throughout Canada and the U.S., and 17 Caribbean islands.
My current work:
I'm General Manager - Enterprise Sales for Nfld. and Labrador for Aliant
My current hobbies, interests, crafts, sports, recreations, volunteer and/or community service work:
Skiing, Sailing, Travel, Reading, and, of course, Movies.
My current marital status: Committed Relationship

My spouse/partner's first name, home town, maiden name and/or anniversary:

Heidi Buttrose - originally from Sydney, Australia
My children, grandchildren and/or beloved pets:
Only the dog - Yellow Lab named Kennealy
Classmates/staff I still keep in touch with:
Robin Laing, Bob Pike, Bev Wareham, Peggy Earle, Rob Wells, Art Fong, Chuck McNeil, Art Clarke, Pete Ash.
I was a member of the following school teams, student groups and clubs:
Reach For The Top
Other extra-curricular community groups, clubs or teams I was involved with:
Air Cadets
JMCH teachers or programs that had a lasting impact on my life:
Harvey Beck and Irving Wareham were the teachers I remember most. Both fine gentlemen and great teachers .... and both very quick witted.
My career/life ambition in high school:
Not sure I had one except to travel which I've achieved partly through my career with Aliant. NewTel and Aliant has been a great place to work.
The theme song for my graduation was:
Didn't attend.
I would consider attending a JMCH reunion:
A school wide reunion would be great
Elementary school(s) I attended:
Davis Elementary
Junior high school(s) I attended:
St. James Junior High
How I found out about the JMCH website:
Word of Mouth
This is a new survey submission, submitted on January 10, 2005.

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