Alumni Survey for
Maxine Mercer (Earle)

Class of 1967


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Full Name: Maxine Mercer
Maiden/School Name: Earle
Gender: Female
JMCH/JMRH/UCRH Graduation or Final Year: 1967
E-Mail Address:
Current Home: Bay Roberts, NL

Places I have also lived since graduation:

Carbonear and Bay Roberts
Post-secondary school(s) I attended after high school:
District Vocational School, Carbonear
Honors in Shorthand-Typing Class
Since graduation, I have also worked:
Carbonear Red Cross Memorial Hospital
Carbonear General Hospital
My current hobbies, interests, crafts, sports, recreations, volunteer and/or community service work:
Sewing, knitting, internet, local community groups, church groups
My current marital status: Married

My spouse/partner's first name, maiden name and/or anniversary:

Anniversary - August 3rd, 1974
My children, grandchildren and/or beloved pets:
2 children (son and daughter)
2 grandchildren (grandson and granddaughter)
A beautiful dog named Shady
Classmates/staff I still keep in touch with:
I just bump into a few classmates while shopping around, no one special, you know how shopping is, you're bound to see someone you know, often it is a classmate.
Other classmates/staff I know about:
Staff - Clayton Peach still resides in Carbonear, as do Herman Greening, I think, but not sure.
Harvey Beck passed away (great teacher!)
My fondest memories of high school:
Most embarrassing moments in high school were the times Harvey Beck would pick me to answer history questions I never knew. I hated history with a passion!!!!!!!!!!
I was a member of the following school teams, student groups and clubs:
Red Cross Volunteers
If I could go back and change one thing about high school, it would be:
I wouldn't have changed anything about the school or the classmates, but I would have studied a lot harder!
JMCH teachers or programs that had a lasting impact on my life:
Harvey Beck. I thought he was an awesome teacher, very strict, but also a very nice person overall.
My career/life ambition in high school:
Nursing,but I was too young when I graduated to get into nursing school, so I went to Vocational School and took Shorthand/typing, then got a position at the hospital, and felt quite comfortable there, and never looked back.
I would consider attending a JMCH reunion:
Yes, I think the whole school would be nice , because classes intermingled a lot at that time and everybody knew everybody else.
I would most (or least) like to see at a reunion:
Classmates from the years 1965-66
Elementary school(s) I attended:
Davis Elementary
Junior high school(s) I attended:
St. James Junior High
How I found out about the JMCH website:
This is an updated survey submission, submitted on December 29, 2004.

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