Alumni Survey for
Scott R. Hiscock

Class of 1979


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Full Name: Scott R. Hiscock
School Nickname: Slab
Gender: Male
JMCH/JMRH/UCRH Graduation or Final Year: 1979
E-Mail Address:
Personal Web Page Address:
Current Home: Burlington, ON

Places I have also lived since graduation:

New Brunswick, Halifax, PEI, Winnipeg and Burlington, Ontario
Post-secondary school(s) I attended after high school:
Canadian Armed Forces, Meterology Technician 121 TQ 5A June 1980, CPSA
Other things I've done since graduation:
Left the Forces in 1987, worked for Ascom Hasler, Pitney Bowes, Neopost as an Account Manager. After that I worked for ICS Courier as a National Account Manager for 7 years.
My current work:
I currently own my own business, Universal Tracking Canada, we do GPS Fleet Management Solutions.
My current hobbies, interests, crafts, sports, recreations, volunteer and/or community service work:
Computers, Motorcycling, ATVs, Boating, Golfing and Camping
My current marital status: Married

My spouse/partner's first name, maiden name and/or anniversary:

Susan (nee Carpenter), Manager for Walmart
My children, grandchildren and/or beloved pets:
1 Son, Curtis Scott age 21 in Texas, Our beloved Jack Russell named of course JACK!
Classmates/staff I still keep in touch with:
Haven't seen any classmates in about 18 years
Other classmates/staff I know about:
Jeff Cole, RCMP, Browns Flat, NB
My Brother Geoffery Hiscock, Passed away May of 1999
My Brother Derek Hiscock, Passed away Feb 2004
I was a member of the following school teams, student groups and clubs:
Other extra-curricular community groups, clubs or teams I was involved with:
Cubs, Scouts and Air Cadets
If I could go back and change one thing about high school, it would be:
Can't change the past, so I have never thought about it.
JMCH teachers or programs that had a lasting impact on my life:
Lou Cole, made me realize that life wasn't all fun and games. Mr Harris, Had a lot of respect for him. He was a great teacher and I will always remember his saying, "A person convinced against his will, is of the same opnion still." It has had a lasting impact on my life.
My career/life ambition in high school:
Join the Armed Forces, yes I met my ambition but realized I had bigger dreams and ambitions and moved on to a Sales Career 18 years ago.
Other school mottoes, mission statements, creeds, mandates, pledges, mascots, songs, cheers, Winter Carnival slogans, etc. I recall:
Smokin' in the Boys Room
I would consider attending a JMCH reunion:
Yes, in Carbonear Summer or early fall
Elementary school(s) I attended:
Davis Elementary
Junior high school(s) I attended:
St. James Junior High
How I found out about the JMCH website:
Search Engine
This is a survey update, submitted on May 11, 2006.

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