JMCH Trivial Pursuit

This quiz appeared in the booklet
for the 1985 School Daze Reunion.

Please help us find the long-lost answers to these burning questions, even if you know just a few.

1. What was the name of the school's first rock band?

2. Who were the members of that band?

3. In what year did the Penny Memorial School Burn?

4. For how many years did JMCH have Talent Shows?

5. What student put the first ball through the ceiling of the school's gymnasium?

6. Who has the "honor" of being the first student to be late at U.C. Regional High?

7. How many times did the JMCH Faculty Fossils perform in the Carbonear Kiwanis Music Festival?

8. What graduate of 1960-61 broke the first window at U.C. Regional High?

9. Who was the editor of the first yearbook at U.C. Regional High?

10. Who scored the winning goal for the championship hockey team of 1961?

11. In what year was the first Winter Carnival held at JMCH?

12. Who was the first Winter Carnival Snow Queen?

13. Who won the Staff Beard-Growing Contest in 1976?

14. What was the slogan for the first Winter Carnival?

15. Who played the part of "Egghead" in the staff skit, Beothucks Reincarnated?

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