Class of 1981
Everybody Has A Dream

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The 1981 graduation dinner was held on Thursday, May 28 in the basement of Bethany United Church next to the school. Carolyn Squires was our valedictorian and Clyde Rose was our guest speaker. Following the dinner, a dance was held for the 53 graduates, their dates, family, friends and staff in the school auditorium at 8:30 PM (tickets $5.00 double). Live music was provided by the band Caste (which kept popping the circuit breakers!), and the theme song was Everybody Has A Dream, from Billy Joel's 1977 Columbia/Sony Music album The Stranger. Click here to read the lyrics, or click on the album cover to hear the song in MP3 format (6.0 MB download).

Billy Joel - The Stranger

James Moore Central High Graduating Class of 1981
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Cathy Ash
Karen Barrett
Roxanne Burden
Lynn Burry
Carolyn Butt
Ken Butt
Peter Butt
Maxine Campbell
Heather Chubbs
Cindy Clarke
Colin Clarke
Deanne Clarke
Jeff Cole
Austin Davis
Glenda Earle
Russell Gladden
Blaine Hancock
Beverly Hiscock
Cindy Hiscock
Bonnie Hopkins
Janice Hopkins
Rick (Eric) Horwood
Faye Joyce
Rick King
Ann Martin
Helen McGurk
Ruth McGurk
D. Peter Noel
Susann Noel
Craig Oates
Tracy Oates
Connie Penney
Leslie Penney
Renee Penney
Bryan Pike
Ruby Pike
Shawn Pilgrim
Bert Power
Cathy-Ann Roberts
Brian Rose
Richard Rossiter
Craig Saunders
Carolyn Squires
Karen Snow
Virginia Steele
Debbie Taylor
Scott Thomas
Jacqui Trickett
Chesley Warren
Eileen Wilson
Darryl Winsor
Edwina Young
Keith Young
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James Moore Central High Faculty and Staff, 1980-81
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Eugene Abbott
Reuben Buckle (Caretaker)
William Butt
Ray Case
Ross Coffin
Lew Cole (Principal)
David Cooper
Elmer Davis (Vice-Principal)
Ruth Francis
Herman Greening
George Harris
Edwina Howell
Bill Kennedy
James Mercer
Glen Murray
Leslie Nurse
Carl Oates
Milton Peach
Ted Pike
William (Art) Sharpe
Lorne Squires
Art Reid
Tony Stephenson
Clara Wareham (Secretary)
Irving Wareham

Over 50 colour graduation photographs and souvenirs can be seen in the 1981 Graduation section of the Picture Gallery, and the full 1981 Yearbook can be found in its Yearbook section.

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MIDI version of Everybody Has A Dream arranged by David Barnes.

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