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Are there any other ways that we may be able to contact you in the future, especially if you
move? (Family, work e-mail/address/phone/pager/fax/website, cellular, ICQ/MSN/Yahoo!/AOL/
Skype instant messengers, etc. - This contact information will not be publicly displayed.)

Besides Carbonear and your current home, where else have you also lived since graduation?

Which post-secondary school(s), if any, did you attend after high school?
(List names, places, dates and degrees/diplomas/certificates earned.)

What else have you been doing since graduation? Tell us when and where.
(Work experience, military service, travel, retirement, etc.)

Are you working or attending school now? If so, doing what and where?

What are your current hobbies, interests, arts, crafts, sports, recreations, clubs, volunteer and/or
community service work?

What is your current marital/relationship status? (Check one.)
Single (never married)
Dating Someone Special
Committed Long-Term/Common-Law Relationship

If applicable, what is your spouse/partner's first name, maiden name, home town, job and/or

Do you have any children, grandchildren or beloved pets? If so, tell us about them.

Do you still keep in touch with any other JMCH classmates or staff? If so, who?
(List e-mail addresses or other contact info if possible. Tell them about us too!)

Do you know the whereabouts and/or occupations of any other classmates or staff? If so, who?
(Also please indicate any you know who've passed away, for inclusion on the In Memoriam page.)

What are some of your fondest memories of high school? (Funniest, scariest and most
embarrassing moments count too!) - Who was your class clown, geek, gossip, princess, bully,
rebel, loner, party animal or sports jock?

What favorite saying, behaviour, clothing or other trait were you best known for in school?

Which of the following school sports teams, student groups and clubs were you a member of?
(Check all that apply.)
Ice Hockey
Ping-pong (Table Tennis)
Cross-Country Running/Skiing
Sports/Athletic Committee
Winter Carnival Committee
             Student Newspaper
Debating Club
Reach for the Top/High Teens/Quiz Kids
Corridor/Canteen/Library Prefects and Monitors
Yearbook Committee
Social Committee
Prom/Graduation Committee
Santa Claus Parade Float Committee
Photography Club
Science Club
Red Cross Volunteers
Student Council/Student Affairs Committee

Did you go on any school exchange trips or cruises? If so, tell us where and when, who your
travelmates and chaperones were, and any other memories you wish to share.

Do you recall going on any interesting school field trips? If so, tell us where and when.

What other extra-curricular community groups, clubs, teams or activities were you involved with?
(Scouts, Guides, Cubs, Brownies, Air Cadets, CGIT, church, music, sports, part-time jobs, etc.)

Did you win any scholarships, bursaries or other awards while attending JMCH
(Boyle, J.D. Cameron, Confederation, Centenary, Electoral, L.O.L., L.O.B.A., etc.)?
If so, indicate which ones with your grade and year.

If you could go back and change one thing about high school, what would it be?

Which JMCH teachers, programs or events, if any, had a lasting impact on your life, and how?

What was your career/life ambition in high school, and have you met it? Has it since changed?

What was the theme song/artist for your graduation? Was there a live band?

Do you recall any other school mottoes, mission statements, creeds, mandates, pledges,
alma maters, mascots, songs, cheers, Winter Carnival slogans, etc.?

Would you consider attending a JMCH reunion?
If so, what location and year/season would work best for you?
Would you prefer a reunion for the whole school or just your graduating class?
(Leave your full address and phone number above if you'd like to be contacted.)

Who would you most (or least) like to see at a reunion, and why?

Do you have any JMCH souvenirs that could be added to the website?
(Photos, yearbooks, newspapers, videos, awards, documents, trivia, stories, etc.)

Which elementary school(s) did you attend? (Check all that apply.)
Penney Memorial Elementary
Davis Elementary
Murray Elementary
Persalvic Elementary
Freshwater Elementary
Other: (include town)

Which junior high school(s) did you attend? (Check all that apply.)
United Church Academy
St. James Junior High
Other: (include town)

If you attended any other high schools before or after JMCH, list them here (include town).

How did you find out about the JMCH website? (Check one.)
Web search engine (e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)
Link from another website: http://
Usenet newsgroups (eg. nf.general)
Print or other non-internet advertising (eg. The Compass or The Telegram newspapers)
E-mail or word-of-mouth from:

Any other information, comments, suggestions, requests, questions or greetings you care to add:

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